012/0██/20██ - 002/022/2023:2:22:22[AM]

src falter

soul driven by moth wing signs
antihistamine dreams
angel advertising
22 accounts for every personality possible
hiding behind a div

wasted months pretending

afraid of progress
exactly as it should.
i know, i know, i know, oh i know, yea (petting)
comfort in discomforting memories
12 cores - 2 broken
amazon uses slack ?
tangled interweb patrols
empty lot stormclouds
melting, mangled ice
outlet application dynamics
temporary solidification emotional state
manifesting minetic desire regret
look for pokeball lamps - white and green lol OMNY reader
22 = 0.+1 progress tracking
adent aceinmr abeg costt
(signing this ar a later date
extra ordinary beauty
sacrifice something for something in return
all a part of me
7/25 = 0.01 im not the only person in the world
ibuprophet tarot readings
tendencyDevastating destructiveInnerNature
deleteAttribute notify abuserCrimesForever innerShelter shattered slowly
sacred barrier
7/15 = 23 /25 ascend 2send
for && lifetimes clearestVisions
bleeding mind obsessive obedience
poisonberry lovesick
betrayed prophecies
0.08 _90.09 = 0.2 integrated self
compassion && reverence
resistant desires
flower of relief blooming underneath
twilight erasure
reversal fading
conscious repetition
greenest fields
leaving sorrow behind

reløve 2 forget

@@ insert

Trying2 ignore compounding fears
fever contingency

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